Project Description

KeyKode is tiny project which makes use of built-in Javascript libraries and in addition, Clipboard.JS to encode a URL using Base64 and creates a shareable link which is decoded clientside. Pros: All private, no server required, no metadata stored and all client-sided. Cons: It uses Base64. Demo

  • HTML
  • (S)CSS
  • Javascript
Spotify's Now Playing in OBS

Using OBS's built-in feature to read from file on file's content change event, this tool grabs and writes the currently playing song to display in OBS. Demo

  • C# (.NET Framework 4.0)

Screenshot and upload to Imgur script, written in Python which utilizes xClip to handle clipboard and optipng to natively optimize the screenshot taken to reduce file size before upload.

  • Python
  • Imgur API

FileSec is a AES 256 Encryption utility software written in C# to encrypt and decrypt any files with a user provided key. Demo of C# version, Python version for Linux.

  • C#
Image Upload (CDN)

Makes use of PHP and Python to take and upload screenshots to your cloud storage of your choice. Developed to mainly focus on Linux platforms. Blog post written to demonstrate how and what of this project.

  • Python
  • PHP

More projects to be added!