Blog Posts (36)


  1. Organizing Jekyll pages in a separate _pages directory. July 14


  1. Fixing Packages Preconfigured multiple times error during package updates in Ubuntu. November 26
  2. Signing Github Commits using GnuPG (GPG). October 29
  3. Running OpenVPN server using SoftEther in Windows. October 26
  4. Jekyll search using JSON, much faster than Google Search. June 12
  5. Importing and exporting files using ReactJS. June 4
  6. Create a page scroll progressbar for websites using plain jQuery. March 18
  7. Exporting PleX contents list using Python. March 11
  8. Creating a web widget to get currently playing tracks using Last.FM. March 4
  9. Creating an animated News/Announcements ticker using CSS and jQuery. March 3


  1. Jekyll search using Google's Custom Search Engine and jQuery. November 15
  2. Creating and integrating Spotify's Now playing track to Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) using C#. October 23
  3. Creating and Implementing a beginner friendly scroll-to-top button for your website. October 17
  4. CSS Pseudo classes manipulation using jQuery. October 12
  5. Scrollable Picture box in Windows Form using C#. September 17
  6. New theme development for Jekyll! July 14
  7. Encrypting files in Linux machine using OpenSSL. June 3
  8. Pymgur - Yet another screenshot and Imgur upload script written in Python. May 19
  9. Running a local media server using PleX. February 2
  10. Brief research about a Seedbox and deploying one. January 30


  1. Image Preview using File Input in jQuery August 13
  2. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) with Ajax and NodeJS. June 18
  3. Setting up OpenVPN in client side using Command Line Interface (CLI) in Linux. June 9
  4. Custom Image Hosting and Upload Script February 18
  5. How to Stream music and videos with extremely high speed network for free! January 16
  6. C# - Force .NET applications to require Administrator's privilege. January 15
  7. Allowing file Drag and Drops in C#. January 15
  8. Rainbow border with linear-gradient in (S)CSS. January 3


  1. Adding a cool Preloading animation on your website. December 13
  2. Self hosted Cloud 9 IDE, access it anywhere. October 31
  3. Make your .NET executable portable for easy deployment using Libz or ILMerge. September 27
  4. Speed up your site with Varnish Cache! June 5
  5. Two-Factor Authentication to your server with Google Authenticator! June 4
  6. Tiny jQuery script to handle your links! June 3
  7. Implement NiceScroll in your web applications! May 30
  8. Creating a Proxy redirection with Redir May 30